Sewer Inspection

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Comprehensive Inspections for Your Sewer

Our sewers are one of the most important systems that ours homes and businesses use. A sewer is an underground system that is able to carry wastewater and raw sewage away from our properties. Without this type of system, we wouldn’t be able to remove wastewater and raw sewage from our home or business safely or effectively. If you are dealing with slow drains or foul smells, please call Drain Busters Plumbing and Drain Cleaning today! We are able to determine if you need sewer repair with a sewer inspection for your Rochester, NY home or business. Call us at 585-222-2564 and we can set up an appointment today!

Sewer Damage: What Are the Culprits?

Sewers are pretty resilient systems, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t vulnerable to damage. Just like any type of system, it can be affected by several things that cause it to become damaged. Some of the most common reasons that a sewer becomes damaged are.

  • Flooding that puts a lot of pressure on the sewer system.
  • Clogs that are caused by flushing non-flushable items.
  • Tree roots growing in the sewer line.
  • The sewer line bursting due to freezing.

If you are noticing horrible sewage smells, an area of your lawn that is really lush, or persistent clogs in your plumbing fixtures, it is important to call our plumbing contractors for a sewer inspection in Rochester, NY. We use state-of-the-art equipment in order to inspect the issue and diagnose the problem.

How We Can Diagnose Your Sewer Issues

Our sewer systems are located underground, so you might be wondering how we are able to inspect your sewer without tearing up your yard. This is a big concern and one that is really valid; while ripping up a yard was something that was done in the past, there have been advancements in technology where this doesn’t need to be done anymore. Our plumbers are able to use sewer cameras in order to inspect your sewer. The camera is inserted into the sewer and moved along the sewer until we can see where the problem is. Because we are using a camera, we are able to see the sewer in real-time.

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With a sewer camera inspection in Rochester, NY, we are able to see if there are tree roots in the sewer, leaks, corroded piping, and clogs! Once we know what is wrong with your sewer system, we are able to provide it with the necessary sewer services. Call our office today at 585-222-2564 to schedule an appointment! This plumbing service is able to accurately detect what is wrong so we can create the right diagnostic plan.