Sewer Line Repair

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Expert Repairs for Your Sewer Line

Sewer line repair is something that should always be taken very seriously, because when a sewer pipe lining is damaged, it can cause all sorts of different problems. One of the biggest problems that we worry about is having a backup issue. When a sewer line is clogged, it can cause sewage backup to happen throughout your pipes. This means that raw sewage can come back up into your home and out of places like, your shower, sink, and even your toilet. This is the worst way to find out that you need a sewer line repair in Rochester, NY and can be dangerous to your home as well. Raw sewage contains bacteria that can cause you to be sick and obviously is disgusting to be in your home. At Drain Busters Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, we are dedicated to making sure that your home or business is not only safe, but that your sewer plumbing is working properly and not causing any other issues with your home or business. Call us at 585-222-2564 to get sewer services.

Common Reasons For Sewer Line Repair

Tree Roots – Tree roots can get inside of sewer lines and develop a blockage that is difficult to see. You may not even know that you have tree roots in any of your lines until you have a sewer line video inspection done. Once this is done, we will be able to see where the clog is coming from and present you with options that will get rid of the problem and hopefully avoid having to do any kind of main sewer line replacement. A sewer replacement is sometimes the only option if tree roots have destroyed the inside of your system, but there are almost always options so you will not be stranded with no choices.

Blocking – Blockages can happen in your sewer line from a number of things. If you commonly put grease, or food down your sink, it can start to gather together and form a clog. If this happens, it can get stuck in your line and every time something else goes down the drain, it will make the clog bigger. Hair and soap scum can also be a nightmare to your pipes, as they can cause a clog very quickly and if you don’t get all of it out, it will just keep happening again and again. If you end up needing a pipe replacement, a trenchless sewer replacement is an option that we can talk about. trenchless sewer line replacement or trenchless sewer line repair, is done by tunneling underneath the ground, without having to dig large trenches in your yard. It is the most minimal way that we can get to the problem without making a huge mess. A trenchless sewer line repair in Rochester, NY is something that we can talk about when we come out to assess the problem.

Broken Pipes – When a pipe breaks, it can send your whole system into shock. Pipes are meant to last for a long time without having any issues, so when one does arise, it is important to call us right away to correct the problem without causing any more damage. A broken pipe can happen when the pipes freeze at the ground level or there is shifting that has happened from time or water damage. Tree roots can also be a major culprit of a broken pipe. These kinds of problems will require a sewer repair contractor, like myself, to be able to use our experience to make the best decision for the long run of your home.

Professional Sewer Line Repair

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Sewer line repair services in Rochester, NY are something that we handle all of the time at Drain Busters Plumbing and Drain Cleaning. It is crucial that you pay attention to the way your sewer system is working and if you start to see signs develop that there could be a problem, that you take care of it right away. Our plumbers will always let you know if you need to have a sewer line replacement done and will explain to you what is going on. If we can do a repair, we will always give you that option first, but in the long run, we want to avoid any major problems from happening so if a replacement is the best option, we will let you know. The first thing that we will do is take a look inside of your pipes to see if and where the clog is located. Once that is done, we can use hydro jetting to be able to break through the clog and clear the line out. This process is able to clear through even the most stubborn tree roots. After that is taken care of, we can take a look at the lines and make sure that there are no further problems. We like to be extremely thorough so that we can both be confident that there will be no more problems like this happening after we leave. If you think you may need a sewer line repair in Rochester, NY, call Drain Busters Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, at 585-222-2564 so we can help you.