High Recovery Water Heater Installation and Repair

A Picture of a Technician Taking a Look at Water Heater.

Get Hot Water Faster!

Are you tired of having to wait for your water heater to heat up water? This can be especially true for homes and businesses that have a lot of people. Waiting for hot water is not only inconvenient but it can be time consuming. At Drain Busters Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, we are here to solve this problem by offering high recovery water heater installation in Rochester, NY. If you want hot water without having to wait after every time someone takes a shower, a high recovery water heater is the type of water heater you invest in. In addition to installation service, we also offer high recovery repair service. Call us at 585-222-2564 to make an appointment!

Do You Need a High Recovery Water Heater?

When it comes to our water heaters, there is something called a recovery rate. The recovery rate of a water heater is how fast a water heater can heat up water after the tank has been drained. If you have a lot of people living in your home or working at your business, you will most likely want a water heater that has a high recovery water heater. With a high recovery water heater, you can make sure that your business or home has the hot water that is needed. Schedule an appointment with us today to get high recovery water heater installation in Rochester, NY.

Repairs for Your High Recovery Water Heater

The most common way to tell if you need repairs for your high recovery water heater is if the recovery rate isn’t fast enough. Other signs that you might need high recovery water heater repair is if your water heater is making strange noises or your water bills are significantly higher. For water heater repair, you can contact us at 585-222-2564! We will get your high recovery water heater up and running in no time. If you are interested in a high recovery water heater for your home or business, we can offer professional high recovery water heater installation in Rochester, NY. Whatever service you need, we are the experts to go to for water heater installation and repairs.